Process Control Optimization and Advanced Control (PCOAPC)

Cost: USD $2,100/person

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The main goal of this 3-day course (2.1 CEU) is to get automation resources (managers, engineers and technicians) familiar with various control optimization and advanced control options available in order to minimize process variability, generate savings, and increase profits; and to provide process, automation and plant managers with a solid base to drive business optimization decisions. The course introduces students to current techniques for control optimization and advanced process control. It also shows different tools available. The course explains the different techniques used to quantify, assess, and optimize process control. The course offers a general review of the theory of the different advanced control methodologies, teaches how to define feasibility of using advanced control in processes, and explains the level of advanced control to utilize.


  • Understand the concepts of optimum process controls, process variability, optimum loop tuning, and control system performance
  • Learn techniques for measuring, identifying and reducing process variability
  • Learn the different advanced process control techniques
  • Learn how to determine the feasibility of applying advanced process control
  • Be able to select the level of advanced process control to implement
  • Justify the utilization of advanced process control in a process performance project 

Who should attend

  • Plant Managers
  • Operations Managers
  • Instrumentation/Process Control Engineers
  • Process Engineers/Technicians
  • Automation Engineers