Process Controls for Process Plants (PCF)

Cost: USD $2,100

Next Course Date:

  • To be announced soon

This 3-day course teaches in detail the fundamentals of process controls form the practical point of view; that is, from the actual process plant performance view. In recent surveys it has been found that most of the problems in the performance of the control system at different manufacturing/processing plants is the lack of knowledge and application of the fundamentals of process controls. After providing process control enhancement services for over 20 years at all kinds of processing plants and dealing with thousands of control loops, Fernando Otero, CAP, has found that most of the process control mistakes are repeated in all kinds of plants, and the most common cause is not understanding the implications of applying the theory and fundamentals of PID control. This course addresses most of those mistakes and offers a good insight of real cases.

Who should attend

  • Plant Managers
  • Operations Managers
  • Instrumentation/Process Control Engineers
  • Process Engineers/Technicians
  • Automation Engineers
  • Engineering Companies