In Optimo Group we are driven to continuously generate significant profits to our customers through the optimization of process performance. We are process engineers first, and then we are process automation engineers. We combine process engineering and control engineering to enhance our services and improve the process. We work very closely with our clients to optimize their process performance, improve plant reliability, and increase business bottom line. The following are some of the services we provide:

• Process variability studies

• Process control performance projects

• Process control strategy design and improvement

• Process automation definition and justification study

• Comprehensive loop tuning

• Training in process control field

• Boiler load tests and comprehensive loop tuning

• Advanced Process Control (APC) definition and justification study

• Design and implementation of advanced regulatory and supervisory control systems

• Advanced Process Control implementation

• Model Predictive Control (MPC) control projects

Optimo Group, Inc. is proudly qualified to perform a variety of services, including:

  • Optimization Services—Practical, applied expertise to increase production rates and reduce costs.
  • Process control improvement projects.
  • Customized training of personnel in process control and process performance improvement.

Optimo Group's professionals are experts in their field, and are qualified to train personnel in the field of automatic process control. 

Optimize Performance  - Minimize Variability