Process Control Solutions Suite

Optimo Group Inc. provides highly advanced and intelligent software tools to improve process performance in all kinds of process industries. We proudly represent and partner with expert companies that share the same passion for process solutions. Here are the companies we represent and the products we offer:


  • Unique and innovative combination of Multi-Variate Statistical Process Monitoring and Model Predictive Control tools, allowing us (and you) to build data-driven, off-line and real-time models of your processes.
  • PerceptiveAPC Development
  • PerceptiveAPC Real-Time

Liquid Pipeline Optimization - CRUX OCM 

  • Advanced process control solutions that optimize liquid pipelines.  
  • Software products that maximize flow, optimize power consumption, and optimize DRA consumption in real time liquid pipeline operations.
  • These applications produces significant positive results such as increased revenue and reduced cost operations

Optimize Performance  - Minimize Variability