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Advanced Process Control and Process Optimization

Optimo Group Inc. is a consulting firm that sells and supplies products and services in the field of automatic process control, including Advanced Process control and process optimization in North America and Latin America. Optimo Group Inc. proudly serves as agent and sales representative of Perceptive Engineering Limited, a leading producer of process solutions.

Perceptive Engineering is a global company built on many years of practical experience.  Our award-winning Advanced Automation offers a proven, robust upgrade path, with rapid payback, minimum disruption and minimum drain on your resources.

PercepiveAPC is a software suit that provides integrated environment to design, test, and implement strategies that will help process plants achieve or exceed their operational goals.

Develop new monitoring and control strategies in a safe offline environment.

Analyze, visualize, and extract knowledge from your process data
Integrated modules let you monitor, control, and optimize both batch and continuous processes.

Combines ease of use with some of the industry's most powerful and feature-rich tools.   
Discover your plant's true potential

Process Analysis 

Process Modeling

Process Monitoring

Process Control

Process Optimization

PerceptiveAPC: unlock your process

Data Import

Data Visualization


Statistical Process Control (SPC)

Model Predictive Control (MPC)

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