Optimo Group Inc. is a fully insured, consulting company that provides services and products in the field of industrial process automation. These highly specialized services include process variability management, process optimization, process controls optimization, performance assessment, control strategy design and optimization, comprehensive loop tuning, variability studies, advanced controls and training in all facets of automatic process control field.

Optimo Group Inc. also offers specialized training and short courses on all aspects of process controls, such as fundamentals of process controls, process control optimization and advanced control, optimum loop/plant tuning, pipeline control optimization, etc. Please visit our Courses and Seminars section to know more about our courses.

Optimo Group Inc. serves the following industries: pipelines, pulp and paper, power plants and powerhouses, oil refining, pharmaceutical, food and beverages, chemical, and petrochemical. Products include successful control loop monitoring systems, industrial instrumentation, analyzers, and measurement equipment.